Economic policy

Economic relations with micronations

The Sohnland does not engage in any economic relations with micronations in any official capacity. Only nominal recognition can be granted to micronations under some circumstances. We will not trade with any micronational based entities at all due to micronational economies being too small to work with and are often incompatible with our own. There are also huge privacy concerns when it comes to micronational trade.

Domestic economic policy

The government of The Sohnland maintains a relaxed approach towards private enterprise, local business and private individuals. Taxes and subsidies from the government are kept as a voluntary method of supporting The Sohnland. However, our government owns all infrastructure, roads and publicly funded services, I.e., water systems, the electrical power grid and internet based infrastructure.

Currency exchange

There is no official set value for the Sohnlandic Pound Sterling. The value of our local currency is determined by how much in foreign currency, I.e., the British Pound Sterling people would exchange for the Sohnlandic Pound Sterling. After an evaluation in 2021, it was found that citizens typically exchange £1 SPS for roughly £1.50 GBP.

Information source

Sources for all policies are sourced from our constitution which can be viewed below.

TSL and Carnifron Constitution