Donation & Payments

Official Ko-fi page for The Sohnland Government

The Bank & Treasury of The Sohnland is delegated with the responsibility of handling donations and payments through this Ko-fi page and through PayPal™.

Where do donations go?

Regular donations through this page and link go towards government projects and services for its citizens domestically but also to state owned companies like DoveArchives™. Payments for commissioned requested services are also carried out through this page I.e., people purchasing design works, intellectual property rights, physical goods and anything else.

Simply click either the flag or here.

What you will be helping to fund

Our people at home and citizens

When the Sohnlandic government receives tax payments or funds from abroad, that wealth is distributed amongst the people of The Sohnland. This is how we pay for our national health service, banking systems, education, and energy resources.

Future national projects

Projects like for instance, setting up our own currency, more land acquisition and becoming more self-reliant all require funds. For us to be able to function as an independent country, we must be able to help and maintain our progression towards statehood.

State owned companies

Companies fully backed and owned by the state is a huge integral part of our governance. State owned companies domestically manage everything from land, healthcare, to putting food on the table. All infrastructure, land and institutions are collectively owned by the people. Funds through taxes and enterprise and of course you, help us to collectively manage and keep everything running; providing a safety net for people through hard times.

The most notable of these state backed companies is the Dove Archives, a MediaWiki based site where anyone can create articles about anything for absolutely free.