Our local currency


Banknotes are apart of what makes the core features of a nation and a true functioning society. What designs banknotes really shows the character of the culture of the nation. Here is what ours say about us.

Banknote Edition One

The original banknote that began with the original intention of being a joke.

Banknote Edition Two

The banknote that was created following the hype of the first note and for celebrating scientific achievement.

Banknote Edition Three

The latest banknote that was inspired by the innate human curiosity of the stars.

About banknote information

Over view

Sohnlandic banknotes and coins have not purposefully been made for circulation but rather as a commemorative piece to prove legitimacy of The Sohnland as a de facto sovereign state, not de jure sovereignty.

Although they haven't been made for circulation, the coins and banknotes have been practically exchanged for foreign currencies such as the British Pound Sterling. The value is entirely up to interpretation. The value of the Sohnlandic Pound Sterling when exchanged for foreign currency such as GBP is approximately exchanged for £1 to £2 GBP. Putting the value of the SPS about equal to 1.5 GBP. £1 (SPS) = $2.08 (USD).

Banknote Edition One

The original banknote that had once inspired the creation of Sohnlandic currency as a whole. Multiple banknote designs and the first coins to be minted. This first banknote was originally conceptualised and designed on the 11th of November 2021; originally being created as merely a joke on the quality of micronational banknotes and their supposed value. However, the meaning of the joke was almost completely overlooked for the apparent design and quality in production. This lead to yet more notes being made and also coins that were minted in the future.

Banknote Edition Two

After the first design of notes gathering popularity, support and even news coverage, a second design was later unveiled. Although it wasn't as notable as the first design, it was and still is well liked for its features. The second edition of banknotes were designed to commemorate scientific achievement, the scientific method and technocracy in The Sohnland.

Banknote Edition Three

The third edition of banknotes were initially created as an experiment to test out new editing and digital drawing methods. Starting as just a forgotten botched draft for a hypothetical note, it later became a well designed and unique banknote with many interpretations and meanings.

Sohnlandic coins compared to a banknote

The Sohnland started minting its first coin design on 10 July 2021 with around one thousand coins minted, they were almost immediately starting to circulate in a small capacity. More coin designs are to be minted in the future, the first design was a test for coin making. About 2 to 3 more will be minted later in 2022.